Back Lane, Littleport

Pine Tree Close

Cambridge and County Developments is a housing development company. We are a dynamic team of highly skilled professionals from all areas of private and social housing developments, who bring extensive knowledge and experience to the business operation.

We develop affordable social housing and high quality housing for sale in the open market. We also have the capacity to provide other property and landlord related services.

As a key local business in Cambridgeshire and as part of a group that has been developing here for 90 years, we are well connected to and understand both the private housing market and social housing needs within the county.

Cambridge and County Developments Limited is registered in England & Wales no 11253192.  Registered Office:  Endurance House, Chivers Way, Histon, Cambridge CB24 9ZR. Part of The CHS Group.

This means that no profit is ever distributed to shareholders. All profits are used to provide social benefit within the Cambridgeshire area, either directly or through the CHS Group, or are reinvested to grow the business. In this way, we successfully combine social responsibility with commercial acumen.

We are always seeking new ways of using our development expertise to meet our growth ambitions and look forward to working with land owners, business partners and local authorities to build a successful future together.