Sold Sold Sold!

19 October 2017

Molly Savino

It has almost been a year and a half since the controversial ‘Brexit Vote’ and since then we have all been keeping a close eye on the property market with the hope that we can somehow forecast the unpredictable future of property in the local area. Whilst Cambridgeshire’s population continues to grow and businesses thrive in and around this diverse city, the need for housing certainly hasn’t declined.

September and October have been very successful months for Cambridge and County Developments having accepted 6 reservations for properties on the Open Market all within a few weeks. This includes 2 reservations in the centre of Cambridge, 2 in Impington and 2 in Suffolk.


In addition to this, all of the Shared Ownership properties at our Willingham development have now completed or have been reserved. Along with the academic year, the month of September certainly represents a new start for many! 

If you would like to know about any other properties currently for sale, take a look through our latest developments or email

Cambridge and County Developments are keen for new sites and opportunities. If you have any potential sites you wish to speak to us about, please get in touch. Details can be found on our Opportunities page